Oregon G1 Map 3rd Edition


Oregon G1

Oregon is one of the top motorcycle destinations in the country for good reason. Stunning mountain passes, desolate dirt back roads, obscure Paved Mountain Trails and unparalleled coastline, Oregon has it all. Our Oregon map features over 40 recommended dual-sport roads in addition to the 49 paved G1 roads that are not to be missed.

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  • The Best Paved Roads Highlighted Also, includes a selection of great dual sport roads.
  • Waterproof / Tear Resistant The road can be tough on your gear. Butler Maps are designed to withstand abuse.
  • Packs Easily All Butler Maps fold to 4.25” x 9” to easily fit in tank bags.
  • Detailed Information Including written descriptions and elevation profiles of the best roads.

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4 reviews for Oregon G1 Map 3rd Edition

  1. 5 out of 5

    Peter Bradshaw

    I haven’t actually seen the map but having lived in OR for eight or nine years I don’t need to see it to know how great it must be. I’m just commenting here to say to the folks at Butler Maps, whom I’ve been telling for years they need to do an OR map, “TOLD YOU OREGON IS AWESOME!” Pphtphptphtt!

    I suppose I’ll have to buy one just to see if they got it right… ;)

    • butlermaps

      Awesome only starts to describe it. OR has been on our list for a long time, we are excited to FINALLY have it completed.

  2. Peter Bradshaw

    Just starting to look over the OR map. Great ride #3 (Nestucca River Rd) warns of the short (it’s 2.8 miles, if I recall correctly my long ago measurement) gravel section. Two things to note here.

    One, it says “smooth gravel […] typically passable on any machine.” It varies according to the season, weather, and how long it’s been since they put down fresh gravel. It’s _usually_ hard pack but _can_ be off-putting even for people like me who don’t hesitate to stand up on the pegs on their sportbike and square off corners.

    Two, you say “if you’re not up for […] DO NOT take this journey.” Thing is, a mile or two into the second G1 section coming from the east there’s a paved (single lane with turnouts) Forest Service road, that connects with Bible Creek Rd. where it becomes Gilbert Creek Rd.. It’s called Bald Mt. Access Rd. And it’s fabulous. Just ask Mike whom I took that way! (Though he was disappointed that he had the wrong tires on when we passed some of the many trail crossings in that designated OHV area.) Hard to believe you guys missed that road!

    Also, Bald Mt. Access Rd. is closed in the winter. Usually open by early May.

    I’ll be back with more, probably.

  3. court

    Hi Peter, thanks for the feedback. We’ll make sure to add Bald Mt. Access Road to the next reprint.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I’ve used Washington, Oregon, and Idaho maps recently. These are great.
    Most Recent was Necanicum Hwy (OR 53) south. Also this year, Glenwood Hwy in South Central washington. AMAZING and Hwy 129 Through Paradise Oregon, the lewis and clark trail. WOW. Thank you!

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