Map Features

G1 Rides

These are the most dramatic and exciting paved road segments in America, featuring steep climbs, tight switchbacks, deep canyons and million dollar views. As riders we constantly search for the perfect road. We seek that fleeting moment where everything fits perfectly together. We search for G1…these roads have an undeniable appeal that set them apart from everything else.

G2 Rides

Just a notch below G1, there are no stoplights or shopping malls here. G2 roads flow energetically from corner to corner gently bobbing and weaving. They meander past lakes, criss-crossing forests and provide an experience you can’t get on the freeway. Keep you head up as G2s can have fast sweepers, rapid elevation change, tight corners and everything in between.

G3 Rides

G3 is not your average road. Although these stretches of tarmac require the fewest criteria to make our list, don’t be fooled…G3 roads are twisty and exciting. Ditch the traffic and head toward a stretch of orange. you won’t regret it!

Lost Highway Rides

Beyond mountain passes and dramatic canyons are roads that extend to the horizon and the unknown beyond. The faded paint of a centerline, or crumbling shoulder are all that remain to remind us of a more purposeful past. They are highways that seem lost in time. Void of the trappings of population or procedure, these roads provide a motorcycling experience as unique as the untouched landscapes they divide. They are America’s “Lost Highways.”

Paved Mountain Trails

Not all roads were meant to be paved – some got paved anyway. Stuck between the dust of a dirt road and the smooth asphalt of a paved one lies the Paved Mt Trail. These roads have stood the test of time fighting for space among dense forest and cliff sides. Their fragile surface crumbling as they succumb to the rugged terrain they divide. Finding space for two cars to pass can be hard. Finding enjoyment on a bike easy. Paved Mountain Trails are for dual sport or dirt bikes only.

Features of our Maps

Waterproof & Tear Resistant

The road can be tough on your gear. Butler Maps are designed to withstand abuse.

Packs Easily

Each Butler Map folds to 4.25” x 9” to easily fit in tank and tail bags. Butler Maps can be folded to fit within map cases.


Expanded Views of G1 Rides

G1 rides are numbered and enlarged for your convenience. The expanded views of G1 rides are placed on a dedicated portion of the map.

Highlighted Rides for Easy Reference

The best rides in the state are detailed in easy-to-read, highlighted segments. GPS waypoints are provided for G1 rides.


Climate Guides

Nothing ruins a good day of riding like a freak storm. Check out the climate guide for general information on seasonal weather or scan the weather QR code for up to the minute conditions.

Dual Sport Roads

Had enough of the pavement? Try some dirt! Our recommended Dual-Sport roads are moderate rides picked for spectacular scenery, remote locations and link-ability to the best paved roads.


Elevation Profiles

One of the dominating features of our G1 rides is elevation change. Get a sense for exactly how much ducking and diving you’re in for by referring to a detailed elevation graph.