Motorcycling Colorado Book


The Book. The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado.

Motorcycling in Colorado takes you past high snow-capped rocky peaks, into deeply cut canyons, through lush mountain meadows, over sagebrush-covered open rangeland, rolling hills, and grassy plains where you can see forever. All through this great variety of terrain run roads perfect for motorcycling-roads that twist and turn through canyons and swoop up and over mountain passes. With each turn a new stunning scenic vista unfolds and you want to just keep riding. Steve Farson has ridden all of these roads on his motorcycle and describes them in detail in The Complete Guide to Motorcycling Colorado: The Definitive Reference for ALL the Best Roads, Rides, and Tips. This truly comprehensive book contains colorful in-depth descriptions of 172 different rides that can be combined in a variety of ways to create motorcycle journeys ranging from half a day to several days. Though the emphasis of the descriptions is on the ride itself, historical background is given for the many ghost towns, abandoned mines, and railroads that are encountered along the way. Each ride is mapped individually, and regional maps show how the rides can be combined to form longer journeys. The many color photos introduce you to the incredible variety of terrain found in Colorado. An interesting feature is the use of historical photos, placed next to present day shots of the same location, which show how much (or how little) has changed in the intervening years. Any motorcyclist who enjoys the ride as much, if not more, than the destination will be drawn to Colorado. Riders who are lucky enough to live in the Colorado area, as well as those from afar who have the opportunity to ride there will find this book an indispensable and unique resource. Discovering the many and varied delights Colorado has to offer those traveling on two wheels will make for the ride of a lifetime.