When viewing the map, zoom and pan around the United States to find a Butler ride that you are interested in. Once you’ve found one, simply tap on it and an information window will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap the “Directions” button to see a preview of the route, and then click the “Start navigation” button to begin turn-by-turn directions.

You can press and hold on the map to drop a waypoint at that location. Then, you can click the “Directions” button, followed by “Start navigation” to get turn-by-turn directions to that point.

To only partially navigate a Butler ride, simply press and hold somewhere along the ride and you can then navigate to that specific location.

When you tap a Butler ride on the map, there is an option in the information window that pops up to “Create a trip.” Tap that button and now, when you select additional rides, you have the option to add those rides to your trip. When you’re ready, tap the “Directions” button to see the route from your current location along the entire series of Butler rides you’ve added to the trip. Then tap “Start navigation” to begin turn-by-turn directions for the trip.

Yes, your trips are automatically saved as you make changes to them. If you’ve closed a trip and you want to access it again, simply click the menu button at the top-right corner of the app, then choose the “Trips” option from the menu. All of your previously-created trips are listed. Tap on a trip to display it on the map. From here, you can navigate the trip, or make changes to the trip.

Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues with the Butler Mobile Maps iOS app. We are actively working on this list to resolve all issues.

When you are navigating a trip with multiple waypoints, sometimes the turn by turn directions does not recognize when you have reached one of the waypoints and will continuously tell you to do a u-turn every time you pass the waypoint. This prevents you from being able to navigate to the next waypoint.


Stop navigation, then tap on the trip waypoint that comes after the waypoint you are stuck on. In the information window that displays on the bottom of the page for the selected waypoint, tap the “Directions from here” button.

How we’re solving it

The navigation component of the app is provided by Mapbox, and we are limited in the ways in which we can adjust the behavior of turn by turn directions. We are looking into adding a button to the interface that will allow you to “skip the next waypoint” and bypass the waypoint that the app has become stuck on.

Issue first identified: Sept 15, 2020
Target fix date: Dec 31, 2020

This is a bug related to dark mode being enabled on your device.


Disable dark mode in your iOS settings.

How we’re solving it

We’re releasing an update to the app that supports dark mode.

Issue first identified: Oct 13, 2020
Target fix date: Oct 19, 2020

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