Wing Ding 37

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, oh nope,  sorry it’s just a Gold Wing. The bike that started the comfort touring revolution 40 years ago is celebrating in typical Gold Wing style by hosting a rally of epic proportions. The 37th annual Wing Ding is in Huntsville, Alabama this year and in honor of the occasion we’ve custom curated a few rides that you wont want to miss.

If you’re one of the thousands of riders heading to the Wing Ding do yourself a favor, download one of these beauties, print it out, and go have yourself a little fun.

We’ve also built these rides in our hand dandy new motorcycle trip planner and mobile app called Rever. If you’ve graduated from the flip phone and dial up internet service, sign up for a free account at and join the Wing Ding group. We’ve put all of these rides there digitally for you to interact with. Copy them to your personal profile, pull em up on your phone, transfer them to your expensive GPS machine. The bottom line is, we just want you to go ride awesome roads.

Moteagle Day Ride

Chatanooga Loop

Huntsville Day Ride, Big Loop East


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