New Map For Motorcyclists Shows Detailed Rides

New Map For Motorcyclists Shows Detailed Rides

Butler Maps Inc. is giving motorcyclists a new excuse to get out and ride. The Colorado-based mapping company has released its first, highly detailed motorcycle map depicting the best segments of paved road in the state. No other motorcycle map offers riders the ability to tailor a trip based on the precise riding experience they’re seeking and the time they have available.

Having researched and ridden over one hundred thousand miles of roads over several years, the Butler Motorcycle crew has organized the findings in an easy-to-read waterproof, tear-resistant map. Gone are the days of endless internet browsing and aimless searches for the best rides. With a single resource, bikers can now identify a great road and plan their ride over a cup of coffee.

A typical road map may show riders how to get from point A to point B, but it won’t tell them the best route if they’re looking for excitement on two wheels. Other motorcycle maps suggest basic, predetermined routes and rides; a Butler Motorcycle Map divulges not just every great road in the state, but the specific sections of those roads that qualify as awe-inspiring–along with their exact GPS coordinates. Riders thus have the knowledge and the option to break-away on alternate routes, or even double-back for repeat adventures.

A simple gold, red and orange color-code is used to help riders identify the best routes. Helpful additional information like elevation changes and listings for local motorcycle shops is also included.

Whether it’s an afternoon spin up the local canyon or a month-long adventure tour of an entire region, Butler Maps is the first of its kind to truly inform riders of everything they need to know for the best ride possible.

Butler Maps Inc. currently has maps available for Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana as well as a Rocky Mountain Region. A Southern California edition will be available this fall, while the Northern California edition is planned for spring 2011. A Back Country Discovery Series for Dual Sport riders will be released in the Fall of 2010 beginning with a Washington state map.

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