Butler Motorcycle Maps Shows Best California Roads

Butler Motorcycle Maps Shows Best California Roads

Butler Maps Inc. the maker of high quality motorcycle road maps releases new map for largest market in the United States. “Southern California is a motorcycling mecca and we are proud to offer a map that helps riders navigate to the best rides this part of the state has to offer” says Butler Map’s Justin Bradshaw.

Butler Maps has hit the ground running in 2010 introducing maps for Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and now Southern/Central California. “Every state that we have personally ridden and mapped has it’s own special rides, Southern California just happens to have a lot of them, it’s truly impressive.” says Bradshaw.

New for the Southern/Central California map are roads Butler Maps calls Paved Mountain Trails (PMTs). “Roads like this don’t really exist in many states, they are paved so they belong on our road maps, but they are kind of like a trail that you can take your road bike down.” says Bradshaw. Some are so narrow a bike and a car have a tough time passing each other. PMT’s are a very unique experience, they may not be for all bikes and all riders but find a good PMT on the right bike and it is hard to have more fun riding.

“We want people to use our maps and think, these guys have really done their research. It took us years to research and ride just in Southern California and I think it shows in the product we have provided.” says Bradshaw. Planning a ride does not have to take hours on the internet, it can be as simple as opening up a map.

Southern California is not the end of the road for Butler Maps. “Any state that has worthy riding is a place we want to explore. Growth and innovation are important to us, more states, more maps, I Phone apps and GPS versions are all in the works” says Bradshaw.

For more information regarding Butler Maps, future editions and dealers, contact Justin Bradshaw at (970) 390-6621 or by email, justin@staging.butlermaps.com